The course is designed for the average woman or teenage girl (age 15+). The tactics are easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to employ in the stress of a violent encounter or the subtle aggression of a “date rape” scenario. Please Contact Us to schedule for your group or click HERE if you’d like to be notified when we schedule the next class.

Our Partnership with Paradigm Tactical Training Group

About Women & Teen Girls Safety and Self Defense Course:

The course is designed for the average woman or teen girl, with easy to learn tactics that can be employed in the stress of a violent encounter or the subtle aggression of a “date rape” scenario.  The basics of this system include situational awareness, preventive measures, risk reduction, legal issues, alternative weapons, empty hand fighting techniques and avoidance information.  Being more aware and confident significantly reduces your chances of ever becoming selected as a target of aggression. Course review.

About Youth Safety: Abduction Awareness and Assault Prevention Course:

This course is for boys and girls ages 7-12 and it is taught by professional law enforcement officers who are also fathers who are sensitive to children and don’t teach with scare tactics..  In fun interactive scenarios, they teach the children various things they can do and situations they should be aware of to avoid becoming a victim, as well as provide them with tactical training on how to strike back and/or get away from an attacker or an abductor.

About the Instructors:

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